We provide amazing solutions.
Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are reliable.

Everything is discussed and sketched out precisely from getting a clear requirement from our clients, deciding even a small icon, web design and development or mobile app development, to the handover of projects to the clients. That means: We deliver as promised!

Our mission

Our Mission.To make an impact with top-class service.

With our team of experts and with right perception,we are able to provide quality service to our clients,which makes an impact for their business.

What we do dowmap

What we Do.Make our customers happy.

Building a proactive customer service and solving their issues in no-time is a challenge for most of the companies. However,in Dowmap we have implemented many proactive methods to simplify the issues and solve them at bay.

Dowmap Web design & development

Web Design and Development

Responsive,interactive,simple and user-friendly designs.

When it comes to Web design and development, Dowmap creates design which is interactive. We don't make something unless it's necessary and useful. However, if it is both necessary and useful, as a team we don't hesitate to make it beautiful, delivering a design that turn your visitors into customers. Dowmap's passion for creativity is what results in great designs.

From a simple static website to kick-start your business to huge e-commerce websites, we ensure the build design and features build are seamless,easy to use for both users and by your team and also responsive for your customers to view from any hand-held devices.

Technologies - HTMl5, CSS3, JS, Angular JS, PHP, Joomla, Magento, Jquery, Wordpress, Bootstrap Framework

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Mobile App Development

We take your business and place in hands of the public on the move...

Having a mobile app in both dominating markets Android and iOS has become a must-have like a business card for each business. Many business owners are looking to digitalize they business as well but they lack the right approach. From our survey results more than 60 % of companies do not even host a website. Therefore, we in Dowmap have always been working towards helping clients to bring their business to the digital platform

Before, we start working on our client's project from dowmap we interact a lot with them to understand their business, customers and products. This helps us to build a better customized service for them.

Technologies - Android, Kotlin, Node JS, iOS, Swift, Hybrid apps, Apache Cordova, PhoneGap, Robospice

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Dowmap Mobile app development
Dowmap IOT Internet of Things

Internet of Things - IOT

Network of internet connected devices able to collect and exchange data.

Imagine apart from just using your home appliance what if you can control them from your phone and even have data analytics about your appliance that is why IOT is here. Cars, kitchen appliances, and even heart monitors can all be connected through the IOT.

Its all connected through the internet and gives you precise information about your devices and its usage. Important role analytics systems, including edge analytics, cloud analytics will play a vital role in making the most of IOT investments.

Common man benefits by having a smarter home where his IOT devices does the most of the house work for him and he can save more time for life. Companies like Google, IBM, Amazon Web Services, etc...

Technologies - Android, iOS, Arduino uno R3, HM-10 & HM - 11 Bluetooth low-enegery module,

Lemniscate one of the first products from Dowmap was an IOT project.

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Digital Marketing

Powerful insights which helps clients place their products across the world.

Most companies lose their online market share due to lack of planning for Digital strategy, they also lose the easier way to connect with their target audience or gaining new customers. Many new start-ups begin with a digital strategy whereas the companies which started a decade ago don't have an eye on these.

Dowmap helps you building a digital marketplace not just for your presence, but to gain new customers, interact with them and build your relationship to grow your business.

We will also provide market insights of your product and analytics, which will help you to place your product better with our research results.

Methodologies used - Social media marketing, Google Adwords, PPC, Linkbuilding, Backlinks, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Dowmap Digital Marketing Online Marketing
Dowmap Logo branding

Blockchain Technology

Decentrilized and verified data which can be accessed by everyone.

Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger that uses encryption to store permanent and tamper-proof records of transaction data. The data is stored via a peer-to-peer network using a "consensus" principle to validate each transaction.

Benefits of Blockchain predicted across world leaders

  • Enable people living in the developing world, who currently don't have bank accounts, to participate in the digital economy.
  • Protect rights to property ownership records.
  • Improve the process of sending money to family members in foreign countries via electronic remittance.
  • Cosumers can monetize their own data.
  • Reduce the costs of doing business.
  • Government officials accountable with smart contracts.

We are coming up with our new product based on blockchain technology on a finanical domain to offer people a secure way of investing their money and profit out of it. I'm sure this would be new platform for people to participate, we are working to ship the product soon.

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Graphic & UI/UX Design

Create brands, UI design for mobile and website that improves your sales.

Midst of a billion brands in this planet, obviously every customer's business wants to stand out. Everyone wants to make their business a popular brand and expand as much as possible. However, not much companies have done this successfully with their branding.

Whenever you see something snappy, catchy or clever, know that a graphic designer was behind that pretty picture print. Someone spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to draw in your attention through the use of a particular image, object or logo, thats the impact of graphic design in today's world.

Tools Used - Photoshop, Illustrator, Wireframes

Dowmap graphic design

Graphic design has a huge presence on the Internet. In fact, many college students who are studying graphic design will have to learn how to make designs for the Internet before any other medium. Without this important skill, it is unlikely that they will be able to keep up with the market.

Graphic design for visual branding has several benefits. It visually represents the message that the brand is trying to deliver. Transparency and congruency is very important when building a branding campaign.

UI/UX Design

We found out that UX/UI design is so impactful for companies of every size that worldwide we are set to lose trillions of dollars per year in revenue by 2020 if companies continue to ignore the direct results of investing in UX.

UI design is preferably concise featuring strategically mapped journeys and micro-interactions through information architecture and data visualization. As the user’s experience becomes ever more transparent it is critical that organisations listen and respond to the user’s needs and wants.

Investing in UI/UX - Investment in UX design, as well as the opinions and feedback of over 60 UX design professionals who we interviewed about it, it became abundantly clear that companies of all shapes and sizes benefited significantly from investment in UX. Survey conducted in 2016 nearly 408 companies invested in UI had greater the increase in sales, the higher their customer retention and customer engagement was, and the faster the company moved through its product cycles.